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Positively Impacting the Medical Community

Inspiring the next generation of Changemakers is at the heart of the University of San Diego’s educational mission. This commitment to fostering positive change in our communities was on full display at the May 7 Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering’s Engineering and Computing Showcase.

For senior design capstone team Glaukos — which includes members Alyssa Beamish, Logan Brown, Samuel Ferguson, Max Saenz, CJ Stokes and Andriana Tziouvaras — the ability to impact societal health and wellbeing was a rewarding experience.

“We are creating an automated testing feature that assists with quality assurance for the injector pins that are manufactured by Glaukos,” says Tziouvaras, a senior studying mechanical engineering. “With our fixture, it would allow for more injectors to be tested and would also standardize the test procedure.”

Collaborating with industry sponsor Glaukos, a medical technology company that develops products to help treat chronic eye diseases, the team created and tested an injector that would automate and streamline the company’s processes and ultimately help ensure product reliability.

“Our project was incredibly complex, and because of that we all had to be extremely flexible in our roles,” says Ferguson, a senior studying mechanical engineering. “I am extremely happy to say that we have created a prototype, and a prototype that’s actually being used right now.”

— Allyson Meyer ’16 (BA), ’21 (MBA)