San Diego Flower Vendors Say Nationwide Shortage Driving Up Price – NBC 7 San Diego

If you’ve been holding off on buying flowers for mom until Mother’s Day, don’t be surprised when you see the prices.

The pandemic has caused shortages in a variety of areas — now flower supply is scarce as local shops open their doors for one of their busiest holidays of the year: Mother’s Day.

“Most of everything is coming in late…but we’re adapting to that,” said Caroline Guzman, whose family owns Javier’s Flowers and Garden in San Marcos. “[The growers] didn’t plant in time, they didn’t have the employees…just a numerous amounts of things happened. It all relates to Covid.”

Sellers say rose prices have been impacted the most.

Depending on the variety, a bouquet of 25 roses is running between $25 and $60, compared to the average range of $16 to $30 a bouquet.

“Every year, we usually get a rise in price, but this year we are experiencing more than usual,” Guzman said.

But for some last-minute shoppers, the cost hike is a small price to pay for the chance to celebrate mom and gather with loved ones after a tough year.

“When it comes to buying your mother some flowers, price isn’t an issue,” said Reece LaValliere, who waited in line to purchase a bouquet at Flowers for You in College Area. “She brought you into this world and you’ve got to do everything you can to show your love for her.”

The wave of business is a welcomed sight for shop owners who scrambled to wrap bouquets and check out customers Saturday after a low demand in flowers last year caused growers to scale back production or go out of business altogether.

“We’ve had to stop taking orders right now because we’re just so busy, so we’re really glad that this year is doing better,” said Pattie Byrd, the manager of Flowers for You.

Guzman told NBC 7 she doesn’t think the prices will make people second guess buying flowers any time soon.

“People still want flowers. I think that due to Covid and the lack of interaction with family members and loved ones, they want to express themselves in that sort of way,” she said.

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