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Cooler Temperatures, Drizzle Ahead – NBC 7 San Diego

After some very warm, dry spring days, San Diego County will see a shift in its weather pattern that’ll bring cooler temperatures and a chance of drizzle around mid-week.

NBC 7 meteorologist Sheena Parveen said the cooler conditions will begin Tuesday with the onshore flow bringing temps down about 15 degrees compared to Monday.

Clouds will begin moving in overnight and, come Wednesday morning, Parveen said it’ll be chilly across the county. There’s a chance for drizzle or even some light showers Wednesday morning, too.

“So, you may have to use the windshield wipers a couple of times over the next couple of mornings,” Parveen added.

The drop in temperature plus the clouds will be a stark contrast to what the county experienced last weekend and at the top of this week.

The sharpest drop in temps will be felt in San Diego’s inland areas, where Parveen said it’ll go from having been in the mid-70s to dropping to the low-60s in a matter of days.

The “chilly” pattern is expected to linger through Thursday.

“The clouds stay pretty locked in through parts of the county on Wednesday,” Parveen explained. “The drizzle – or maybe even a couple of light showers – look like they should be returning Thursday morning.”

Parveen said the weekend will be warmer – but nothing compared to how hot it was last weekend across San Diego County. She said the First Alert Forecast show temps in the mid-70s inland this weekend.

As for next week, Parveen said she’s tracking a chance of rain – not just drizzle, but real rain – possibly Monday in San Diego County thanks to a storm system that’ll impact Southern California.

NBC 7 will continue to track that chance of rain as we approach next week.

San Diego County is currently facing a rain deficit after a dry winter and dry start to spring, so any measurable rainfall is good for the region.