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Doses still available at other sites during Petco Park closure

CHULA VISTA — The closure of the vaccine super station at Petco Park was extended Saturday because of major delays in vaccine shipments.

While the Petco Park site will be closed through Monday, public health officials say San Diegans can still go to alternative vaccination sites. The county’s vaccine super station at the South Region Live Well Center in Chula Vista still had appointments available for this weekend.

“There’s so many openings,” Jessica Vazquez said. “I booked it last night and I got it today, so it was easy.”

Healthcare workers in Chula Vista and at the super station at the Grossmont Center were still giving first and second doses of the vaccine.

“It was exciting,” Vazquez said of her experience Saturday. “Everyone’s dancing. They have music on. It seems like a scary experience, but once you’re in, it’s really fun.”

The Petco Park site was originally expected to be closed only Friday and Saturday. UCSD Health said hundreds of appointments will be automatically rescheduled through MyUCSDChart.

San Diego County Board of Supervisors Vice Chair Nora Vargas sent FOX 5 a statement about the extended cancellation announced Saturday:

“While snow storms around the country have caused vaccine shipment delays to our region and impacted our ability to administer doses at some of our community pods and super stations, we are doing everything possible to ensure that appointments are rescheduled. We stand ready to get these vaccines in people’s arms as soon as they arrive.”

The federal government is working to get all the delayed vaccines to their destinations by the end of next week.