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From the Archives: Front page news from S.D. 125 years ago

A report on the results of the California National Guard competition in L.A. and a notice that last dance of the season would be held in Coronado are among the nuggets of front page news in San Diego’s Evening Tribune.

From the Evening Tribune, Saturday, April 25, 1896:


The Home company Took Second Place at Los Angeles.

Captain Dodge and a portion of Compano B, N.G.C., returned last night from Los Angeles, were they have taken an active part in te La Fiesta celebration. The balance of the company will return today.

Company B was beaten in the competitive drill at Athletic park, Thursday by Company I of Pasadena by one and a half points. The company went into the drill very reluctantly, having only thirty-nine men in line, the first lieutenant and right guide being among the missing. The other members of the company were obligated to return home on account of the late day the drill took place their various leaves of absence from their business employers not permitting them to remain longer. Under the circumstances, the company did very well. Company I live at Pasadena and being at home makes some difference.

The company was very highly complimented on its appearance in the parade, having 72 men in line.

Private William Wheeler won the gold brigade medal for being the best drilled individual in the First Brigade. this medal has been in existence seven years and has each year been won by San Diego boys.

Company B has election of officers next Monday evening. There is not much doubt but that Captain R.V. Dodge will be re-elected, as the company will find it hard work to secure a more efficient officer.

Local Notes.

The Santa Fe office has received official notice that the proposed advance in freight rates oil May 1 has been postponed indefinitely.

May 1 has been declared a holiday by the board of education, for schools, at the request of the Native Sons.

The San Francisco chronicle of yesterday, published a full account of the Pope-Rossier nuptials, together with cuts of the newly wedded couple.

The reported murder of a man in el Cajon valley yesterday, which sent Deputy sheriff Ward on a wild-goose chase, proved to be an hallucination of Charles Willard, the informant.

A United States civil service examination will be held in this city on June 6th, 1896, for the grade of clerk and carrier on the postal service; clerks must be 18 years or over, carriers, over 21 and under 40. Applications must be filed on the proper blanks, on or before May 18th.

Coronado Notes.

The closing hop of the season will be given at the Hotel del Coronado tonight.

R.D. Israel, for many years a keeper of the Point Loma lighthouse is building a home near the race track.

U.F. Newlin, head clerk of the Hotel del Coronado, left this morning for a short vacation. He will enjoy a trip through the back country.

The Christian Endeavor society gave a socila at the Hotel Josephine tomorrow evening. The gentlemen present were given an opportunity to sow their skill in needlework, and a very pleasant time is anticipated.

The regular monthly meeting of the board of trustees was held Monday night. No business of importance was transacted beyond the installation of the newly elected city officials, which in this case involves no change, as all incumbents were re-elected. The only new officer is Capt. S.A. Burnap, who succeeds George Foster, resigned.