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‘Ghost gun’ used in Gaslamp shooting

San Diego – Authorities say a “ghost gun” was used to kill an ACE parking employee and injure four others on Thursday night at the Gaslamp Quarter. 

“About one in four of every gun that we are recovering right now is a ‘ghost gun’” said San Diego Police Chief David Nisleit.  

A “ghost gun” is a gun that is untraceable – without a serial number, but it isn’t illegal to make your own firearm.  

Executive Director for San Diego County Gun Owners PAC, Michael Schwartz says the reason why it isn’t illegal to make your own firearm is because there isn’t a law against it.  

“There isn’t a law out there that says yes – you can manufacture a firearm from home – its there is no law that makes it illegal,” said Schwartz.  

In the state of California, there are requirements to legally obtain a self-made firearm.

  1. ·  Eligibility to posses a firearm  
  2. ·  Self-made firearms must be legal weapons  
  3. ·  Serial Numbers are required for self made firearms  
  4. ·  Selling self made firearms is illegal 

According to Schwartz, it is very difficult to get a serial number in the state, “its not an easy process – you have to send in pictures and a description – pay a fee – it’s very difficult – before you even go through the difficult process of manufacturing a firearm.” 

Schwartz says the suspected gunman already broke to the law by not registering the gun.  

“The person who committed this horrible heinous act at the gas lamp already broke laws about not having a serial number on his firearm,” said Schwartz.