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Local Fisherman Speaks Out On Carlsbad Boat Fire Scene – NBC 7 San Diego

The 50-boat, The Relentless, was spotted on fire on Thursday morning by a local fisherman.

“I’ve unfortunately participated in quite a few different rescues in my 50-year career here but nothing like a boat fire to that intensity,” Owner of Seaside Charters Joe Cacciola said.

A Coast Guard Jayhawk helicopter crew along with multiple ships searched a more than 600 square mile area in search of survivors.

“That was an amazing response as far as rescue vessels coming on scene because you had them coming from a number of different places and they got there very quickly,” Cacciola said.  

The U.S. COAST GUARD called off the search for the missing boater on Friday morning after a 21-hour search.

Local boaters tell NBC7 that they are still keeping an eye out when they are out at sea.

“It’s the obligation of every mariner to come to the aid of another vessel so when you see a vessel in distress don’t say oh I’m busy I’m out fishing no you got to stop and you got to help them out,” Cacciola said.