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Port of San Diego Seeks Input On Maritime Clean Air Strategy Discussion Draft – NBC 7 San Diego

The Port of San Diego announced Tuesday it is seeking extensive public input as it develops a Maritime Clean Air Strategy as part of continued efforts to identify projects that will improve air quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and transition to efficient, modern and sustainable maritime operations.

Collaboration with community residents, industry, businesses, public agencies and non-government organizations helped produce the goals and objectives identified in the MCAS Discussion Draft. Now, the port is seeking additional community and stakeholder feedback.

The community has until April 20 to submit written feedback.

In addition, the public may suggest an aspirational vision statement to include in the final document. During the four-week review period, the public is also invited to participate in a virtual Community Conversation on April 7 at 5 p.m.

As an update to the port’s 2007 Clean Air Program, the MCAS is intended to identify goals and objectives to reduce emissions. The MCAS will help the port determine which efforts are feasible and how they should be prioritized and/or phased in over time. It is also intended to help clarify the role the port may play in supporting tenants and terminal operators with transitioning to zero- and near-zero emission technologies.

The port has identified four overall goals/objectives:

  • Promote environmental stewardship and the maritime industry;
  • Advance ambitious emission reduction efforts and provide direct benefits to the portside community;
  • Advance equity and environmental justice; and
  • Support California’s zero-emissions/net-zero-energy mobile source goals and greenhouse gas reduction targets.

The port has been investing in and deploying new technologies to improve overall air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the region.

After the port receives feedback on the discussion draft, staff will review the feedback and anticipates returning to the Board of Port Commissioners in May to present and discuss the feedback received, and then receive board feedback and direction on the Draft MCAS.

To learn more about the MCAS and to review the discussion draft, click here.