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San Diego Sockers make best of ‘bizarre’ season spent entirely on the road

San Diego Sockers midfielder Brandon Escoto is making the best of a difficult season where the team is playing all of its games on the road.

SAN DIEGO – A 5-3 win over the Dallas Sidekicks isn’t such a bad way to end a game. That’s exactly what the San Diego Sockers did a few weeks ago, thanks in large part to a four-goal performance by midfielder Brandon Escoto.

For his efforts, Escoto made the Major Arena Soccer League Team of the Week.

Still, the Tijuana native stays humble.

“The energy came from the entire team,” he said. “Like you said, I scored four goals, but it’s thanks to the teamwork. Everyone together. I think I wouldn’t accomplish any of that alone, but we’re working to keep adding more.”

It was the team’s first win of an unconventional season. Currently unable to play and host fans in California because of the pandemic, the club agreed to play all their games on the road.

“It’s a bit hard, but we’re working together as a team,” Escoto said. “In the end, soccer is soccer. We’re six against six on the field and we have to put that aside and concentrate.” 

A normal season has 17 teams in the MASL. This year though, ten have opted not to play. Of those seven clubs left, only four are allowed to host fans, but only a limited amount.

“It’s super bizarre,” forward Kraig Chiles said. “Honestly, it’s a historic year but as an organization and as a player, we’re just trying to make the best of it and stay as safe as possible.”

Despite the weird season ahead of them, the Sockers are confident they’ll have a bright season.

“Historically, we’re a really good team on the road,” Chiles said. “We travel well, we’re very focused and prepared on the road and so, I think we’ll do okay. We’ll kind of rally together at these road games but it’s not fun to not have some homes games in front of your friends and family but we’ll get through it.”