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San Diego Team On a Mission to Help Seniors Get COVID-19 Vaccine – NBC 7 San Diego

COVID-19 vaccinations are well underway in San Diego County and although trends are looking optimistic, obstacles seniors continuously face have left them falling in the cracks. One San Diego-based team, however, isn’t letting that happen on their watch and is doing all they can to help.

Seniors are still facing an array of challenges when it comes to getting the vaccine. From lacking digital access to having difficulties securing transportation to vaccine sites, the hoops older residents have to go through in order to get inoculated has resulted in fewer citizens getting vaccinated.

National health care company Landmark Health’s team in San Diego is doing their part to help.

The company focuses on in-home care of complex, chronic patients and their local team is helping members with scheduling vaccinations, coordinating transportation and providing education on the importance of getting the vaccine. They started a “calling blitz” event to their patients to address their concerns.

Dr. David Hirota, Landmark Health Medical Director and Infectious Disease specialist, said, “There were a number of patients that had a lot of questions and we had been able to address their concerns and questions. We were able to get them to tell us if they were going to get an appointment or we gave them a number so they could schedule an appointment.”

“There were patients that didn’t have the capability to sign up at all and our team was able to get 24 members signed up for vaccination appointments,” he concluded.

Landmark also shared that information with the patient’s medical providers, so their primary care doctors and specialists knew if they have been vaccinated or not.

NBC 7’s Alexis Rivas breaks down vaccine hesitancy in the county, including race demographics of those who have taken the shot.

Dr. Hirota added that the vaccine is safe for elderly patients and urges everyone to get one.

At this time, the COVID-19 vaccine is available to anyone age 16 or over in San Diego County. As of Saturday morning, 62.2% of San Diego County residents have received at least one shot while 38.9% of residents were fully vaccinated, according to the county.

For more information on the vaccines or to see available appointments in San Diego County, click here.