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$17M Plan For Chula Vista Renters Approved

CHULA VISTA, Calif. — Chula Vista City Council on Tuesday approved nearly $17 million in a combination of state and federal funds to assists renters experiencing financial hardship.

The approval came late Tuesday in a 4-0 vote with Councilmember John McCann not voting due to a conflict of interest, as he owns multiple rental properties. Funding will be provided to qualifying residents to pay past-due and upcoming rent and other utilities, including water, sewer, gas and electric bills.

Mayor Mary Casillas Salas was pleased with the approval.

“This is good news for the people that are suffering because of loss of income because of the pandemic and we are very thankful for the money that is coming down both from the state and the federal government,” Casillas Salas said.

The city set up a website for people to check assistance qualifications, including proof of a financial hardship and documentation that rent was paid on time and in full prior to the pandemic.

Chula Vista resident Eric Kubek is a renter, and says he feels for everyone experiencing a tough time brought on by the pandemic.

“Rent is definitely a hard one, especially because a lot of people can’t work,” Kubek said.